Пройдите тест и узнайте свой уровень владения языком. Это позволит нам подобрать наиболее подходящий курс иностранного языка для вас.

Пожалуйста, введите свой e-mail:

1. There _____ any cars in the car park.


2. Do you have _____ umbrella?


3. _____ you fly to France last year?


4. What are you _____ eat tonight?


5. I _____ to the radio at the moment.


6. If you don’t revise, you _____ the exam.


7. Have you ever thought _____ a doctor?


8. _____ live in London?


9. The Lexington Murderer _____ from prison last week.


10. How long _____ for the exam this week?


11. I’m sorry, I am _____ to accept your offer.


12. I don’t think the government _____ to the proposal.


13. If I _____ you I _____ the proposal.


14. The journalist asked President Smith _____ when he was in India.


15. You _____ asked David before borrowing his guitar.


16. Would you mind _____ me how you finished so quickly?


17. It took us hours but we finally succeeded _____ tickets for the concert.


18. I wish a school _____ there earlier than last year.


19. He was rewarded by _____ free tickets to Hawaii.


20. If the computer hadn’t been invented, I wouldn’t _____ find things so quickly now.


21. Ваше имя?

22. Номер телефона?